Do the Olympics Mean Hope?

So the Olympics are over.

I didn’t watch too much of them. In fact I didn’t start watching them until the week before the closing ceremonies and only for a couple hours or so. I’m not big on the summer Olympics (and sports in general) so I wasn’t interested in watching a whole lot of them. I did watch some swimming (mainly for Phelps) and some gymnastics and running. But then I got bored and stopped watching them.

And then I watched the closing ceremonies. The opening and closing ceremonies are the only things that I’m really interested in and I didn’t watch much of the opening ceremonies this year because I thought they were boring (personal preference, I know there’s some out there who genuinely liked it). I thought the closing ceremonies were interesting. Not the greatest, but not the worst either. I liked what the Brazilian guy said about how these Olympic games have done a lot of good for the country and hopes that it will continue to expand its weight in the global community and do much more for the community.

And I hope so, for their sake. It’s no secret that South and Latin American countries have struggled economically and socially. They’re almost as bad as some African countries in some instances. I’d like to see some Western hemisphere countries other than the United States and Canada succeed on a global scale. Get rid of corruption and trafficking and improve themselves.

I was never into Brazil as a country, meaning I had no interest to go there, but I do want to go to some other South American countries and practice Spanish. It’s such a beautiful language and I want to be able to speak it fluently. I don’t think I’d get that as much in Brazil since they mostly speak Portuguese, but having the Olympics there gives me hope for them all.

I probably don’t make sense, but there it is. I just write whatever comes to mind and that’s what came out today. Did any of you watch the Olympics? What’s you’re favorite sport?

Tell me your thoughts.

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