Around the Corner

I was about twelve years old when I almost got kidnapped.

I was playing with the neighbors two doors down. We had found a stick big enough to be a walking stick. For whatever reason, I started walking around the block using the new found walking stick. I’d just turned the corner when I felt someone or something following me. I looked to my left and saw a car slowed down to a crawl with a Hispanic man looking at me intensely. I thought he wanted to ask for directions or for the time so I stopped and walked to the edge of the grass.

“Can I give you a ride home?”

Cold fear froze me. “I don’t need a ride, I just live right around the corner.”

“I just need to give you a ride, it’s a long way.”

“No, I don’t need a ride, I don’t live far from here.”

“Who is that?”

I turned around. One of the boys that I’d been spending time with that day had followed me around the corner. I don’t know why he decided to follow me, but I felt grateful that he decided to that day.

“My neighbor.”

I don’t remember what he said, or if he drove off. The next thing I remember is my neighbor and I walking back home.

“You need to tell your parents. Have them call the police.”

“You come with me. Help me tell the story.”


I eventually got home alone and I eventually got the courage to tell them what happened. My parents were shocked. We live in a good neighborhood, a quiet one. Why would a suspicious man come around here to jeopardize the kids? My dad immediately said we needed to call the police.

When a cop came by he asked me to tell the story and show me how I was walking. I don’t know why it mattered how I walked at the time because the man in the old beat up car was still trying to take me no matter what.

The police man said he’d drive around the block, see if he can find him. The man wasn’t found and I never saw him around ever again. For a year or so, I didn’t want to walk around that block in fear of seeing him again. I went a different way. I’m so glad that my neighbor decided to follow me that day. Who knows what would have happened to me or if I would have been alive.

4 thoughts on “Around the Corner”

  1. Wow.. a similar thing happened to me when I was about 10. I was walking home from the fish & chip shop when a man in a red car stopped and offered me a lift. I was about 50 metres from home so I said I was nearly home. He asked a couple times but I was adamant that I didn’t need a ride, so he drove off. Didn’t really think much about it to be honest. Don’t even think I told my parents.

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