Finding My Native American Roots

Searching for your ancestors can be the most rewarding thing you do, and yet the most frustrating, as well.

It’s rewarding because:

  • You find out about people you didn’t know were related to you.
  • You find interesting documents that takes you deeper into the person you’re researching
  • You find pictures of your ancestral relatives and often times see familial similarities
  • You find out where they came from originally (and where your people came from) as well as what they did for a living.

The list can go on and on. But it’s also frustrating because sometimes you want to know more about a person but because of circumstances you can’t get any farther or find any insights to the person you want to know about more.

For example, I started researching because I wanted to find out more about my grandmother’s father. He was part Indian and I wanted to see if there were any information about him and his mother, who was the full blooded Native American. I got through the parents of his mother and even the parents of her father’s, but that’s about as far as I could get. None of the documents that I found mentioned about them being as such. I realize that indigenous tribes wanted to blend in as much as possible and were kept quiet from the mainstream society, but there comes a point when it becomes obvious that a person is not white. Surely they would have to document that at some point?

I don’t know if I’ll ever find anymore information about my great-grandfather and his Native American family, but I still hold out the hope that I’ll find that one piece of information that will crack open the whole mystery and help me understand.


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I'm a writer from the United States.
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2 Responses to Finding My Native American Roots

  1. Sarah says:

    I hear ya.. I’ve just started to get into my family history. Luckily my sister has done a heck of a lot to find out information but I don’t want to know just dates and where they lived, I want to know why they did the things they did.. like when my great grandparents moved to the other side of the world with 12 kids!!

    • Ashley says:

      Me too. I found that my last name was originally something else (but similar to what it is now). I want to know why that changed or what my native members are thinking. So many questions for all the family members.

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