Bucket List Items Completed.

About a month or so ago, I had a small attack. Not a literal one and wouldn’t want to undermine those who suffer from it constantly, but I started to panic when I realized I didn’t cross anything off my bucket list this year. The past couple of years I had been able to cross a few things off my list including taking a ride on a motorcycle, going fishing (I did once or twice when I was little, but this time I went with someone I liked at the time), and going to the movies alone (something I immensely disliked and don’t want to try again). I’d been such a recluse this year that I didn’t do a whole lot and I wanted to do something fun.

But then I realized that I did do things that I was able to cross off my list.

Back in April, I went to see Beverly Lewis at a bookstore near where I live. If you don’t know who she is, she tends to write an Amish fiction. She’s a decent writer, but her stories are so similar that they stat to blend together after a while, which is why I don’t read her often. But when I saw that she was coming to town so to speak I really wanted to go meet her. After all, she is a big author in the sense of the word, so I decided to go see her. I always wanted to meet an author in person, even if it wasn’t someone I read on a regular basis and she fit the bill. So I was happy to cross that off my list. The next step in my list for this is to meet an author I really do enjoy reading regularly, someone I enjoy reading.

Another item on my bucket list was to go to a Catholic mass. I’m not Catholic and don’t intend to be Catholic, but I know Catholicism is the first Christian church and hurt that sometimes their masses can be beautiful. My friend got married this year and she and her husband are Catholic so I was able to participate in that. And it really was beautiful. It was long, longer than any wedding I’ve been to and there were parts that were dull and a little slow, but I enjoyed it. The priest was good and seemed to be a kind soul. And I got to be blessed by the priest. He wanted everybody including the non Catholics to come up and either take Communion or be blessed, so I got to do that.

And I guess in a sense I’m completing a New Year’s goal from last year but didn’t get to complete until this year. I didn’t want to participate in any dates even if the person liked me a lot but I caved in last year because I was seeing someone on and off that I liked. When it finally ended, I was more than a little heartbroken. I didn’t think about it this year, but so far I’ve not gone on any dates or had anyone ask me to be their girlfriend. I’ve only had that happen once in my life but I didn’t want that to happen to me when I wasn’t ready. I’m going to take whatever bucket list items I can get, however unintentional.

So that’s what I’ve completed this year, no matter how meager. I don’t know what I want to focus on next year. Maybe I’ll actually make a list of it on New Year’s Eve and see what I’d like to get done. And I may surprise myself, maybe I’ll get something else done before the new year.


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