A Week of Activities and Other Disasters.

As you’ve noticed, I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been writing in my personal journal every day up until Monday. That was my half attempt at doing writing every day for National Novel Writing Month. It wasn’t exactly a novel, just things that I did each day or what I was thinking about. But around Sunday/Monday, I finally couldn’t take it anymore so I stopped writing. The whole writing process was starting to feel like a homework assignment rather than something enjoyable and I didn’t want to participate anymore.

As with the blog, again I didn’t quite know what to say so I didn’t say it. And when I gave up writing in my personal journal, I was so frustrated with writing of all kinds that I even considered not continuing my blog as it seemed like I wasn’t writing for me, I was writing for some grand splendor or some such thing.

I don’t think I’ll give up blogging, but I’m at a point when I need a break. So if I go for long breaks without posting, that’s probably why.

Anyway, some things that have happened this week:

1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

I went to see Fantastic Beasts this past Sunday (as of today, Friday) with my friend and her husband. Before we went, we ate at a small local restaurant. The food was good, but it was expensive. In fact, I nearly had a heart attack when I had the bill. I don’t think I’ll go back again and if I do, I’m getting water and no side dishes. Then we went to the movie. I enjoyed the movie, it was better than expected, but not something I want to run out and buy for myself when it comes out on DVD.

2. Thanksgiving

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the U.S. in the morning I watched the Macy’s parade and that was fun. But then we took our elderly neighbor out to Cracker Barrel and that was the worst experience ever. We left around 1:30 and when we got there it was around two and we couldn’t even get the disabled parking because cars were blocking it. Then we got in there and they said it was going to be about an hour and a half, well it was 2 and a quarter hours before we finally got a seat, then we ordered our food. My mom got the children’s portion of shrimp, our neighbor got a salad, and I got the turkey dinner that was supposed to have three or four dishes with it. We waited over two hours for our food and when we finally got our food, the waitress plopped down my dish and all that was on there was a child’s portion of turkey and ham, nothing else. We all just stared at it and the waitress said “we ran out of everything, pick three other things.”

I was so disappointed. I was looking foreword to having my Thanksgiving dinner and I didn’t even get what I wanted after being there for four hours. And when I got my new sides, my beans and corn were swimming in soup. It was terrible. I’m not going there for Thanksgiving ever again.

On the bright side I watched A Christmas Story when we got home. It got me calmed down a little bit.

3. Day Off

I had to take a day off, so I decided to take today off. I’m going to relax as much as possible, read a book, watch some DVDs. Play the Sims even. Everything to get myself relaxed again.


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