Finding Quakers.

My ancestry research has continued in the past few days or so.

I decided to look for the wife of my great-grandfather’s (my grandma’s father’s) side. There were no hints that automatically popped up in my tree when I added her to the tree a while back except for a couple of census records, but I remembered back when I had to go to the library for research that some family trees I found had an alternate spelling for her last name. With that in mind, I decided to do a little more digging and found a few more ancestors. It turns out that they were Quakers that came to Pennsylvania to practice their religion. There was one couple in my tree (a direct descendant) who were kicked out of the community because they decided to become Methodists. I always knew that my grandmother was Methodist, but I didn’t realize that it went back to that.

I wonder if this is why I’ve always had the strong belief that being a Christian doesn’t mean I have to go to a church to worship, that God is within ourselves and we can worship where we please. I looked up what it meant to be a Quacker and there used to be (or is) two branches of Quackers around the Mid-1800’s. The Hicksite Quakers are the original Friends who believed that we needed to look within ourselves to find the light and that the Bible was to be used as a secondary source. The Orthodox Quakers however, believed that we need to use the Bible as the primary source to find the light and look within ourselves second. Both beliefs are valid, but I’m kind of leaning towards the first if I were to choose any.

I wonder if the choices we make, the beliefs we embrace, the places we go, are somehow past down to the next generation. Can our likes and dislikes be passed down just as our genes can be passed down? I’ve always wanted to know, especially considering I’m the only one in the immediate family on both sides never really were into reading, writing, and English in general. There are creative people, but never into writing as much as I. Apparently I had a great grandmother who taught English until she was in her 80’s I think but that’s about it.

So many interesting thoughts that drudge up when you research your ancestors and so little answers. Sometimes I wonder if we just need to make our own conclusions?


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2 Responses to Finding Quakers.

  1. Sarah says:

    It can definitely be interesting looking back over your tree to see the similarities.. my dad’s paternal side had 3 bakeries in London in the 1800s before they moved to Australia. Two of my brothers became bakers .. maybe it was something in their DNA

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