Protecting Children.

It’s getting harder and harder to get on social media these days. I hate getting on there, seeing the strong, opinionated posts, the arguments, the violence on the streets, the hate spewing from both sides. It’s so frustrating to see. It makes me feel so drained. I mostly avoided it yesterday, much to my relief and I was only on for a few minutes when I did and I only commented on mundane, every day things, mostly.

This morning, I got on for a few minutes and I saw a post about how people were taking shots against Barron Trump, Donald Trump’s ten year old son. The things that have been said about Barron have been disgusting things really, and the boy’s only ten years old. It makes my heart sad for him. He has no control about what his father is doing. He has no control that he lives in the white house. He’s ten years old, a little boy, really. I’m sure he’s heard the things that people have said about him and I’m sure it’s having a huge impact on his psyche. No matter how you feel about Donald Trump, you have no right to have a go at a little boy who doesn’t understand the adult world that he’s living in.

What if he was your little boy? Would you want someone to tell him he was going to grow up to be a murderer? Would you want someone to tell him that he’s not going to amount to anything because he was born you? I don’t think you’d appreciate it very much. I don’t think any parent would want to hear others saying their children are terrible, horrible beings. They can’t help who they’re born to, where they’re living, and how their parents are viewed. Taking stabs at people’s children should be off limits, especially to those in public positions. It’s just not right. Have you’re opinions about Donald Trump, but don’t take your strong opinions and throw it against the innocent. Who knows how our words are affecting him.

Tell me your thoughts.

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