Say You’ll Be Mine Forever.

Over the weekend, I discovered a new musical artist named Derek Ryan. He’s from Ireland and sings country and Irish music.

From all appearances, he’s fairly well known in the country of his birth, but I didn’t know who he was until this weekend when my mom and I were watching a Daniel O’Donnell PBS special. O’Donnell had allowed Ryan to share the stage for a few minutes to sing a few songs and even sing a duet that the two had recorded together.

I found him to be a wonderful singer, one that made me feel peaceful and content with the world around me. When the segment was over, I kind of forgot about Derek Ryan and went on with my evening, but when they aired the special again, I paid more attention. He really is a good singer, I thought. I went online and listened to more songs that he posted on YouTube. I then went on Twitter and saw that he had an account and followed him. I tweeted to him that I discovered him and that I loved country and Irish music and thought he had a great voice. To my surprise, he liked my tweet and even re-tweeted it onto his page. He even followed me back. I’ve been walking on air ever since.

I’m not the kind of person who spams celebrities pages in the hopes of getting a response back. I follow certain people because I truly enjoy their artistic works and when I do send out a post to them, I don’t hold and illusions or expectations that they will notice or give a reply back. On the rare occasions that I post to them, it’s because I appreciate what they’re doing and if they happen to read it, then that’s great.

But like most people, I also get excited when people I admire take notice of what I said, and in this case, Derek Ryan. He probably doesn’t know how happy he made me in that one moment of re-tweeting and following me. Sometimes it takes the smallest thing to turn a person’s night into the happiest one ever.

If you’re interested in Derek Ryan, take a listen to “Hold On To Your Hat.” This is the song that turned me on to him as a musician. I hope he becomes more popular over here in America because he really does have talent.


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