Passengers: Review

Passengers is a movie starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as Aurora and Jim on board a spaceship traveling to a new planet to start a new life. When their hibernation pods malfunction and they wake up 90 years too soon, time is against them as they race to find out what went wrong and save the 5,000 souls on board.

I didn’t know a lot about this movie when I watched it. There was some dissatisfaction about the movie towards Chris Pratt’s moral choices in regards to Jennifer Lawrence’s character and I wanted to watch it for myself and make my own opinions. Visually, the movie was stunning; everything seemed perfect and precise as many space movies try to showcase.

However, I found the story line to be flat and the characters more than a little boring. Jim (played by Chris Pratt) makes some decisions that wouldn’t have been tolerated on earth and when Aurora (Lawrence) calls him out on it, another character that is shown briefly defends Jim’s choices. This set me off a little bit because it seems like everyone is okay with Aurora getting shortchanged over something that shouldn’t have happened.

The beginning and end of Passengers had the most intrigue because Aurora and Jim are fighting to save themselves from a failing spaceship and you don’t quite know if they’re going to survive. However, there’s not enough intensity throughout the film to keep me on the edge. By the end of the movie, I felt like I didn’t see anything at all.

And…that’s all I can say about this movie. I can’t even make a proper opinion of it, because there wasn’t anything there. If you just want to see it for the pretty backdrop, then this is the movie for you. But if you’re looking for an in depth story, then this one is more than a little lacking.

Tell me your thoughts.

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