Now and Later.

It’s hard to get started on something, even if it’s something you’re passionate about. I can sit in front of a blank sheet of paper for five minutes and then say “I don’t have to do this, I can always start up again later.” This can go on for several months or even years until I realize that time has gone by and I haven’t written a single word. I want to be a serious writer, but how can I be considered a serious writer if I don’t even sit down to write?

I look at all these writer’s blogs and I see all the work and success they’ve achieved and I look at myself and all I can think is that I haven’t even tried. I’ve been trying to write short articles to see if I can get them published in newspapers, even if it’s an opinion piece and I won’t even get anything for it (as long as I get my name out), but I haven’t been able to write anything worthwhile. I’ve just not written anything. Maybe I secretly don’t want to and I’m happy where I am in my life, but you know, I’m not. I want to be able to rekindle my passion in writing. It’s stuck with me for so many years and I don’t want to give up yet.

I just need to stop procrastinating and do it now, not later.

This afternoon, I wrote almost two handwritten pages for a short story. I know that it’ll need work later, but I just needed to write and get it down. Maybe this will be my beginning. Maybe this will be the time that I make writing a habit and continue on until I’ve broken through to some success.

And I don’t mean to make it on the New York Times Bestseller’s list or anything. To me right now, success is writing a little bit every day. To me, success is getting some words on the page, even if I have to re-write it later. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and that applies to writing as well. The journey of a thousand words begins with a single word. And then another.

I think it’s helped that I deleted Facebook. Facebook was a good distraction from everything that I actually wanted to do. It distracted me from doing my passion. Of course, I have other distractions, but at least I got rid of one.

Speaking of Facebook, now that I’ve deleted it, I’ve been reading more. My reading has declined over the last 5 years or so and I was partly sad about that. But now that Facebook’s gone, I don’t have this innate need to keep checking it every five minutes to see if someone’s commented on my posts or see what everybody else has been posting. So I think all in all, deleting it has been a good thing.

In other news, I walked around the block today. It was cold but the sun was shining and it felt good to be moving again. Even though I only walked around one block today, I was still fairly warm by the time I made it home again. I want to make walking a more regular thing. Healthy exercise is always good and maybe it’ll help me think and be more creative.


6 thoughts on “Now and Later.”

  1. I could have written this exact same post, down to quitting Facebook and reading more, as a result! Thank you for sharing this. I also want to write, but I keep putting it off for who any number of stupid reasons.

    1. I know what you mean! I think it has to do with persistence, though I need to work on it, you know? I hope you keep trying! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. Reading your words it almost reminded me for a while, especially the phrase where you indicate about “I don’t have to do this, I can always start up again later “. Life has showed me, nothing good enought could come without trying, even a little bit.

    1. Those are wise words! Nothing worthwhile is easy, as they say. What do you mean by “almost reminded” you? Only parts of it reminded you? Thanks for stopping by anyhow. 😉

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