The Strength of a Woman.

Today is Easter Sunday in the Christian world. How hard it must have been for the devoted to stand there and watch Jesus die on the cross and then see him rise up two days later to join his Father in heaven. Mary Magdalene was the one who found his tomb empty; she was the first one to talk to Jesus after He had risen. That must have been a complete shock, as well as complete amazement. She must have been an amazing woman to be chosen to see Jesus first.

It always struck me as especially telling that a woman was the one who saw him first. A woman, not a man. To me, that tells me that God finds women just as worthy, just as strong as any man could be, if not stronger. Women are just as worthy for sharing their experiences and stories with the world and just as capable for being extraordinary. They were not meant to be the weaker half of men; they were meant to walk side by side with them and be able to influence the world.

Until recently, Mary Magdalene has been downplayed over the centuries. She has been portrayed as a soiled dove who gave up her sin to follow Jesus. In reality Jesus had driven out demons out of her and she took up following Him and preaching his word. Even when she told the other disciples about his resurrection, they didn’t believe her until Jesus came to rebuke him.

I don’t know why women have such a hard time in history, but they do. I hope that in time, men will find us just as worthy, even in the positions of religious authority.

Tell me your thoughts.

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