The Nightmare Demon

I used to have this recurring nightmare for several years. I don’t remember when they first started, probably around 8 or 9. The basis of the dream was always the same: I was trying to escape from my house. Sometimes what was chasing me was an actual person who broke into the house, but most of the time it was a supernatural being, a demonic type monster who wanted to consume me. I would escape the house and run across the street to my neighbors house. I would knock fervently at the front door, sometimes on the side door by their garage. I’d feel a sense of panic, of time slowed down as I felt the monster chasing me.

And this is where the dream diverged each night. Sometimes the door would open and they would let me and I would run through the house screaming that I needed to hide and they needed to help me. I would run through the house and eventually I’d squeeze under the dresser drawers, but I could feel the monster coming closer to where I was hiding. Other nights I would dream that nobody answered the door and I would start running down the streets, trying to get as many blocks behind me as I could, but as with all dreams, no matter how hard I ran, I couldn’t get very far.

I never knew if I escaped from whatever it was because I would either wake up or the dream would morph back to the beginning and I would try to escape again. I had this nightmare up until I was 24 when I got my license. Maybe I was feeling trapped in my own home and didn’t know how to get out and having a license soothed that unconscious feeling for me, but it doesn’t explain why I had the dream for so long and at such a young age.

I don’t have a lot of dreams but when I do, I get really strange dreams like this. They are either so odd or so scary that they are burned in my memory. If dreams are our way of working out our thoughts and feelings, I don’t want to know what my feelings are that cause certain dreams.

Whatever the reason is, I certain don’t like waking in panic over a nightmare demon.


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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