The Neighborhood Visitors.

There was a bit of excitement at my house yesterday. Early in the morning, a mother deer brought her two new babies and placed them in our flower garden. My mom had gone out to water the flowers when she saw them and nearly had a heart attack. Unfortunately by the time I got home at one o’clock, one of the babies ran away because our neighbor scared it off (how unfortunate, right?) but I did get to see the other baby.

In spite of not knowing the gender, I named her Rosie and I was in love with her. She had the longest ears and the softest black nose. Her eyes were large pools of brown and her back was covered in white spots. Her tail was tucked underneath her, but I could tell that the underside was white while the top was brown. She didn’t seem to be afraid of anybody; even though I kept some distance away from her so that her mom would come back for her, Rosie would prick her ears up study me. I was able to find a good spot with my camera and zoom in and take a good picture of her. If you didn’t know better, you’d have thought I was inches away from her.

In the early evening, when we came home from the dollar store, we saw a doe shoot across the yard. We went on the breezeway to try to catch her. We were able to watch the mother for a few minutes, but she was too cautious about coming any closer to her baby and eventually walked away in the opposite direction in the neighbor’s yard. When we went back out there to see if she’d went to Rosie, both of them were gone. Mother had relocated her baby to another hidden place.

I’m sad that Rosie had gone and that I hadn’t gotten to see her with her mom, but I’m glad that they’re re-united. I’d like to imagine that she told her mom and twin all her visitors she had during the day and perhaps they’re out in the neighborhood seeing what there is to see.

Tell me your thoughts.

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