I was first drawn to you as a moth is drawn to the light.

You warmth was bright as sunshine and I let the sensation cover me as completely as a blanket in wintertime. I craved your friendship, as you seemed to love mine. I didn’t doubt that your friendship would last forever.

Time and distance; it builds like a mountain builds height. The meetings are few, the meetings are precious.

Until the day you weren’t who I expected. Your anger shocked me. Your aloofness made me stand away. I didn’t want to feel it, but you made me glad I was going home.

I don’t think you meant to.

A lot of things were going on. But maybe it wasn’t a good time.

Maybe I should have gone another time. It wasn’t as if there wouldn’t be other times.

I step away; for now.

I allow myself rest. To recharge. You will still be here, my friend. I just need to be away to in order to come back.

Next time, you will be better.


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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