I can’t exactly tailor my feelings to the expectations of others, especially when it comes to upsetting news or events. For example, being told by someone you like and admire that they don’t return the favor is an upsetting event in general, but for someone like me, it’s something that is also analyzed until it’s picked apart. Logically, I know I should let it go after a couple of days, but I have to think of every way that I could have it made different until I get bored with the whole thing. I could blame it on my quiet reserve, my impulse to think things through. And I guess it’s my way of getting over something, but sometimes others don’t exactly have patience with it.

That is the thing with human nature: we all have our idiosyncrasies, our little shortcomings. Some things are annoying, maybe even all of it. But some things that are abominable to one person might be livable to another.

In the meantime, it sure doesn’t feel good when others rudely point out your shortcomings. It only feeds them through another cycle until another time.

Tell me your thoughts.

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