Exotic Lives.

I think of exotic as foreign lands, strange animals, and weird customs. But can exotic also mean the difference between your lifestyle and another’s? I’m jealous of the people who seem to do more, even if it’s only local – more social events, more eating out at different restaurants, going to concerts. Compared to working and coming home to spend the evening reading, that seems very exotic indeed. I suppose the whole thing boils down to the fact that people want what they don’t have. The things that aren’t usual every day occurrences are the things you want the most.

When I went to college, all the men seemed so much more attractive than the people I grew up with. Someone told me that it was because I was used to seeing the other guys in high school every day so that they didn’t seem as attractive. This makes sense to me; after all, I couldn’t care less about dating someone I saw every day for four years.

It’s a matter of perspective, you know? What one sees as mundane another sees as exotic. In that sense, then maybe we all need to step back and re-examine ourselves. Take note that maybe our lives are just as special and exotic as any other. Instead of seeing it as mundane, find it as something extraordinary.


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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