On Murder and Fame.

Last night, a news reporter was interviewing two people about O.J. Simpson. One of them was a childhood friend and the other was a prison guard at Simpson’s prison. Simpson’s parole hearing is on Thursday and the world will find out if he gets to walk free or not. The reporter wanted to get some insight on who O.J. really was.

And I have to say, I was surprised and disappointed by how blase the two men were about a murderer and a thief.

The reporter asked the guard if he thought Simpson murdered Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. He said that he did believe he committed the crimes, that Simpson had come as close as he ever will come to confessing to him about the murders, but that he thinks Simpson has a murderous side and a nice nice side and Simpson was a very nice man in spite of everything. When he gets paroled, the two of them are going to go golfing together. If he doesn’t get paroled, he’d be very concerned about Simpson’s mental state.


Then later in the show, a childhood friend says that Simpson may have slapped Nicole around a bit, but he was incapable of “jumping out of the bushes” and murdering them and then leaving without any trace.


I wish I could tell you that they laughed afterwards, but they said it with a straight face and in all seriousness.

….I don’t understand. What does having a murderous side and a nice side even mean? “He’s actually a nice guy with an unfortunate dash for murder?” Why would you befriend him? Why would you even consider spending time with him if you know he brutally murdered someone? You’re a prison guard, guarding crazy people who might hurt the rest of us, not be-friending them and inviting them to golf. Why are you worrying about O.J. Simpson’s mental state? His mental state is nothing to the mental state of these two people’s families that he ripped away from them.

And as for that other guy, he doesn’t even deserve a comment. Even if he just “slapped her around” as you so eloquently described it, why are you making it okay? It’s not okay. Never, ever okay. If he can slap her around so much that she was frightened to see him come up the driveway, how is it impossible that he could murder someone?

I don’t understand people. We are so enthralled with celebrity status that we will ignore a person’s worst atrocities because we don’t want to see a celebrity in prison and going through “mental anguish.” I’m sorry, but celebrity shouldn’t protect someone from the law. A murdered person’s family shouldn’t have to suffer because no one wants to hurt a famous person’s feelings. You murdered someone, you stole items, you kidnapped someone, you should pay the price. If O.J. hadn’t been a famous football player, I don’t think he would’ve gotten away with it.

I can’t even make a coherent thought about this. It makes me angry to think that this still happens, that people will still follow a person’s shadow just because he’s famous even after all the heinous crimes he’s committed. If that’s the case, then we haven’t progressed very far as a society, have we?


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