How You Engage Me.

Your eyes are too blue, your skin is too smooth

Your eyes could shine a little less, the Arizona

sun couldn’t shine so intensely.

The blonde hair is that of a Californian, perfectly

in place with the finesse of the athletically

obsessed. You’re so perfect, even to the attitude

that would shatter the glass you stand before

most mornings,

hoping the likes you get will number in the

hundreds, the comments thousands.

I post the happy things,

the mundane, the everyday. I post

these things and yet you don’t bat an eye.

The average things that people do,

you couldn’t even comment

and yet

the moment I post a stronger opinion,

or something bad that


you’re instantly commenting on what

you think is right and

not regarding what was actually said

or even if I wanted the feeling assuaged.

It seems as if you only care about the drama

And you think I’m

The shallow one.


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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