The One to Change My Mind.

I want you to tell me
You love me
I want you to ask me
My favorite things that I do
When I don’t have to be
Someone else for
everybody else.
My secret fears is that you’ll run
When I tell you my darkest fears
Insecurities line me
when I imagine you knowing what scared others
Hold me close and whisper
that I am enough
To pretend to be isn’t something I need to do
Take me to the places
I’ve always wanted to share
with you
My life is spent alone
in a bubble of reverie
Cocooned in a contentment of alone things
that doesn’t require the
outside force
of others
Embrace me for what I am,
don’t push me into what I am not
But gently encourage me
into confidence of what I could
only imagine
what I wanted to be.
I am, I am, I am,
but I could be more with you
I’ve given up, determined
to be alone
But you-you might be
the one
to change my mind
I just don’t quite know
who you are
Just yet–


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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