Just One Time.

This is the spot I remember, the place where time stood still. You stared at me and I was lost in you. I couldn’t move, but from within I moved in all directions. The statue of your image couldn’t have been more still than what I saw before me. A living perfection; I wanted no one else.

I felt myself unfreeze, I made a move to set myself down. Instantly, you uncoiled, my wrist encompassed in the cup of your handle. Gently, you pulled myself to you, lips pressing against my brow. I am surprised, as I often am, that you actually wanted to be close to me. Did you hear the beating of my heart? You’re so close, I’m sure you could. Don’t go away, you’re smell is intoxicating. You are strong and safe, and warm.

I move back a step, you’re eyes I wanted to see. Instead your grip tightened and pulled me closer. Soft lips–how could you have them as soft as these!–press against mine and I forget the world around me. Did you care if someone caught us? Did I? I was no longer aware, neither were you. The world was forgotten and so was I in your cocoon.

This was the kiss that should have been; the kiss that should have been experienced the first time. It might as well have been, as all others were soon forgotten. I wanted you, I loved you, I needed you.

I never had that feeling ever again and I long for you, that feeling to come again. I dream of you and think of you often. It won’t be like that again. I hope you remembered me in the years since I last saw your face. I hope you smile and wonder about me too. The things that might have been dissolved into the sands of time, a memory faded but still holding on as something fond.

Nothing else will be just as whole.


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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