The Flow of Writing.

Keep writing until the writing feels natural. Keep writing until the creativity flows and it’s not something to consciously think about. It doesn’t matter what others think as long as you keep writing. The readers will follow if the writing keeps coming.

The mantra is told and re-told until I’m almost convinced. But then I think of all the things that could be wrong about what I’m told. The wording is awkward. The opinions aren’t fully formulated. I don’t feel passionate about what I’m trying to say. I didn’t get the ideas across. The doubts roll over and multiply until they fill my head with uncertainties.

But I keep writing. And writing. And then I write some more. The habit of writing comes over me until the thought of not doing so is unfathomable. I can’t break away from this new found partner that I found in writing. I reach for the next word; my fingers curl tightly around them and pull it down to me. There’s another word after that and I reach for that as well.

I feel the pull of my shoulder blades, but I can’t think of stopping. To stop would mean to stop this newfound flow that I’ve found. Is it any good? I don’t really know. But I can’t stop now.


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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3 Responses to The Flow of Writing.

  1. I am loving your blog.Definately have a new subscriber here❤i cant wait for future posts.😊

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