Ordinary Travels is Five Years Old.

This month marks five years in my journey in my blog. Five years is a long time to stay in one Internet niche and I’m happy to have made it this far, especially when one starts a blog without any kind of idea about what to write in it.

In 2012, I was feeling rather desperate. I wanted a blog, but I didn’t know what to write about, nor could I think of a domain name that reflected me and what I wanted. When I discovered WordPress, I decided to name my blog “Ordinary Travels.” My reasoning was that I wanted share how a seemingly normal, everyday life could actually be quite extraordinary.

I wrote short pieces of only two or three lines, but nobody read them. As I began to follow other blogs, I began to wonder how they had so many readers and comments while I was still struggling. As time went on, I began to learn about tags and sharing my content. It was a slow process, but as I became more confident in what I wanted to say, I began to receive more followers and more likes.

I can’t say that my blog is successful. I’d say it’s successful in its own way. I’m writing and several people follow my blog now and that’s what makes me happy. I think that’s the problem with bloggers these days: they’re so caught up with trying to be popular and getting so many followers and shares that they forget why they came to blog in the first place and that’s their content.

This is my advice to bloggers both old and new: go back to why you started a blog in the first place. Did you want to share your travels, your photography, your poetry, your thoughts on being a minority? Go back to your roots and just write about the things you’re interested in, even if you don’t consider yourself to be the “best,” or the “smartest.” Trust me, someone will be interested in what you’re writing about. Share it with friends and family that you trust the most.

And as you get better, you’re writing will get better and more people will follow you.

Add tags to your post. More people will find you if you do that. Don’t spam it, but put enough so people will find it. Comment on your favorite blogs; you’d be surprised by how kind they are and how many will follow you back.

It’s okay to evolve and change your focus in your writing. It’s okay to write about whatever you want. It’s okay to have a niche. It’s okay to be you, as long as you’re writing what makes you happy. Ordinary Travels has evolved for me over the last few years and I’m still evolving. And that’s okay. If I didn’t evolve, my blog would have been dead a long time ago.

I’m glad I’m still writing. I’m glad I’m still here to share my works with everybody else. I hope we stay together for another five years and beyond.


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