I’m still here. I just had some things going on that prevented me from writing and such. These type of posts annoy me when I see others posting them as I don’t care why others are writing as long as they’re writing now. However, I feel like I owe you guys an explanation.

Firstly, I hadn’t written because I felt like I was forcing myself when I didn’t want to and when you force writing, the quality takes a negative hit. And that affects me negatively as well (obviously). I don’t want to hate what I’m good at, so there you are.

Secondly, my faithful yet slow and prehistoric laptop took a swan dive into the cemetery of computers of which there’s no return. Sooo, I’d been without internet access for a couple weeks. If you want to know the meaning of withdrawal, that would be it.

So now I have access to the internet, but it’s through an iPad and I have yet to acquire a keyboard for it. As with most things, these are expensive and might be a while before I get one. In the the meantime, I have to type everything out letter by letter with my stylus and that’s annoying.

To make a long story shorter (?) I’m trying to say is that my posts might be sporadic for a while. Thanks for sticking around and if you’re still around in the future then I thank you even more. I hope I can get back to writing again soon.


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