I used to be obsessive about blogging. Since I no longer have a traditional keyboard at the moment, I don’t participate as much. Hunting and pecking for each letter drives me nuts. Perhaps this is why I never got a real cell phone and keep using the landline. I don’t know.


So I don’t blog as much these days. It made me crazy for a while


I see how I pick my words more carefully now.

I only write when I have something to say.

Sort of.

Before I just wrote because I wanted to get content out there. It didn’t matter what it was as long as I pressed the publish button. That sort of thinking burns you out. Blogging because you want to be blog famous seems a rather silly notion these days.

And that’s the rub these days. We get a blog or get on YouTube because we see others have done it and became successful.

But if we keep plugging away at posts that don’t matter as long as it’s out there without thinking of the general direction we’re going then it’s not going anywhere. You’re just the same old schlep makings low quality content. I’d rather follow someone who is an amazing creator but doesn’t produce all the time because they are putting effort into their creations. I may be wrong but that’s how I feel about art and stories these days:

Quality has been trumped by quantity.

But maybe I’ve become apathetic over time.


Tell me your thoughts.

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