The Nature of Relationships.

I focus a lot on love and relationships. It’s almost an obsessive habit, which might seem strange to a lot of people, especially to those who know I’m determined to live out my life as a singleton. I’m probably obsessed with it because I’ve actually never been in a relationship before. Nobody ever sent me…… Continue reading The Nature of Relationships.

What He’s Doing Now.

When you left me, I didn’t think I’d miss you. You hurt me way too many times, I’ve become jaded by your promises and heartbreaks, your leavings and your coming homes. Good riddance, I thought to myself, who cares that you’re gone now. But then a few weeks would go by and it would start…… Continue reading What He’s Doing Now.

A Wave of Lonely Thoughts.

I’m twenty nine years old and single. Most of the time I’m okay with this. I enjoy being able to go to work and coming home and putting my jamis on without anybody caring. I enjoy going to bed at ten without taking a shower if I don’t have to go anywhere right away the…… Continue reading A Wave of Lonely Thoughts.

On Finding the One: Myself.

I was a senior. The prom was coming up. I’d bought myself a ticket because I didn’t go the year before as I wanted it to be special for my last year of high school. The only thing was, I didn’t have a date. I was (and still am) a romantic. I longed for someone…… Continue reading On Finding the One: Myself.

Lost in the Moment

He was supposed to go back to get the backpack, but he couldn’t move. Neither could I. He looked at me. I looked at him. Lost in his gaze, I felt frozen in time. The trees, the greenery, the slow moving river. Each was vibrant yet faded in the background, cocooning us in the moment…… Continue reading Lost in the Moment

15 Ideas for Singles on Valentine’s Day.

A couple years ago, I made a post about 11 activities you can do on Valentine’s Day if you’re single. I didn’t make one last year apparently, though I thought I made the post in question last year (no matter), so I thought I’d make another one. Everybody makes posts about why relationships are the…… Continue reading 15 Ideas for Singles on Valentine’s Day.