On Writing and the Expectations of Women.

There are people who write on a regular basis. I want to know their secret. Do they plan their posts out and schedule them, or do they write them as they go along? It’s always interesting to me that people can write long interesting posts on the fly and make it look like they knew…… Continue reading On Writing and the Expectations of Women.

Be Passionate About Blogging: A Short Blogging How-To.

So a couple friends of mine have created blogs this year and I think that’s very cool, especially considering they didn’t think they were the blogging type of people before they started them. But they have asked me advice about blogging because they think I’m the type of person who’d know the ins and outs…… Continue reading Be Passionate About Blogging: A Short Blogging How-To.

My Greatest Comforts.

When the world gets crazy, strange, and scary, there’s nothing more comforting than being surrounded by the familiar and safe. Without these things, we’d be flying off into no man’s land and might never find ourselves out of it ever again. Here are some of my favorite comfort things: Mashed potatoes Josh Groban’s “Awake” cd…… Continue reading My Greatest Comforts.

Words That Touched My Soul.

So I discovered that there’s a book (and a blog at one time) called 52 lists and each week you write a list of things related to whatever the prompt is during that week. She has the first 20 weeks on her website to get started, so I thought I’d give it a go. This…… Continue reading Words That Touched My Soul.

Do the Olympics Mean Hope?

So the Olympics are over. I didn’t watch too much of them. In fact I didn’t start watching them until the week before the closing ceremonies and only for a couple hours or so. I’m not big on the summer Olympics (and sports in general) so I wasn’t interested in watching a whole lot of…… Continue reading Do the Olympics Mean Hope?

Things I Like.

We seem to focus on the negative rather than the positive. And after (re?) discovering the blog Things We Like, I decided to make a list of my own concerning the things I like. Soaking my feet on the back porch. On rainy days, sitting in semi darkness without the big light on listening to…… Continue reading Things I Like.