National Novel Writing Month starts today. Once again, I briefly thought about joining in but I already knew I wasn't going to participate the moment I considered it. I know there are those who fanatically follow this wild race to 50,000 words, but I can't seem to push myself in that way. Granted, I'm all… Continue reading NanoWriMo


Fooling Myself.

I think writing is difficult. I enjoy it, but I think it's difficult all the same. I don't think it's difficult because of the subject matters that I write even though I think it can be a factor depending on what it is you're writing about. I just think that the actual process of writing… Continue reading Fooling Myself.



I don't have equal frankness with you. You may answer, you may ask, but I may choose silence, my thoughts once said, is lost forever. Your opinions are your own and so are mine, the difference is how you respond to my differences. Criticism is harmful when the positive constructive becomes accusatory and harmful. The… Continue reading Frank

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Writing for Money and Enjoyment.

They say you should follow your dreams and do what you love. But should you follow them if what you love won't make you money? Someone lamented that some writers are leaving the field because they're no longer making money. If they truly loved to write and they truly loved the genre they're writing in,… Continue reading Writing for Money and Enjoyment.


Finding Ideas in Desperation.

A couple years ago, I deleted my Pinterest account. It didn't seem worthwhile to have something that you just saved pictures onto and never look at again (at least that's how the experience was for me.) Last year I started a new account because I read somewhere that it's something that can potentially help bloggers… Continue reading Finding Ideas in Desperation.


The Guilt of Being.

Sometimes I wonder if I was born guilty. Guilty for what? I don't know. I feel guilty when I say no to something I don't want to do, even if it's for my best interest. I feel guilty for disagreeing with someone, for having a different lifestyle, for liking different things. Just for being me.… Continue reading The Guilt of Being.


On Bullet Journals and Blogs.

Bullet journals. You've probably heard of them. I certainly have; they've been all the rage in the last couple of years. Surprisingly, I didn't get swept away in this latest fad. Or maybe it's not surprising. You just don't know me yet. (Or do you?) To be honest, I never thought too much of them,… Continue reading On Bullet Journals and Blogs.