On Finding the One: Myself.

I was a senior. The prom was coming up. I’d bought myself a ticket because I didn’t go the year before as I wanted it to be special for my last year of high school. The only thing was, I didn’t have a date. I was (and still am) a romantic. I longed for someone…… Continue reading On Finding the One: Myself.

Taking the Moment, Because I’m Going to Miss This

Sometimes your dreams come true, even when you think it’s impossible. This week, two of my dreams came true and it’s hard to believe that they actually occurred. Let me tell you about them.¬†Everybody has a bucket list, even if they’re never officially organized in any way. I’m no different. On my bucket list I…… Continue reading Taking the Moment, Because I’m Going to Miss This

The Virtues of Relationships

I’ve talked a lot about being single and the virtues of being single, regardless of whether or not you think you should be at that point in your life. Believe me, I’ve been through a lot of beliefs, ideas and opinions about the whole topic of relationships versus being single. I still believe that no…… Continue reading The Virtues of Relationships

Really, What’s a Relationship?

When I was a teenager, I had an idea of what I wanted in a man and a relationship with him. I wanted him to be tall, dark, and handsome (typical) with some facial hair (Lord of the Rings and similar movies were all the rage when I was in high school, influencing my taste…… Continue reading Really, What’s a Relationship?