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The world falls away. The stars and the moon expand to fill the space that was once taken up by the space of our being. We float. We float and see the galaxies as they shift and meld with the colorfulness of blues and purples against the inky blackness. They are infinite. They are infinite… Continue reading Infinite.


Farewell, Troy Gentry.

Country music lost another star yesterday afternoon. Troy Gentry was part of the the duo Montgomery Gentry. If you're into country music, you might know hit singles such as "My Town," "Speed," and "Something to be Proud Of." They were like the rock and roll of country. They were kind of like an offbeat 2000's… Continue reading Farewell, Troy Gentry.


Memento Mori, Favorite Movies in Remembrance.

Last night when I got home from work, I heard the unfortunate news that Gene Wilder passed away due to complications from Alzheimer's disease at the age of 83. Apparently he's been suffering from the disease for three years but didn't want people to know about it. This seems oddly reminiscent of David Bowie, with… Continue reading Memento Mori, Favorite Movies in Remembrance.


The Art of Moving Foreword

It's been a week since David Bowie's death due to cancer. Since then, many more tragedies in the art world has occurred. Death is a terrible thing to witness; it makes you realize that even those we see as gods are mere mortals. How do we move on without forgetting their legacy? We can't dwell… Continue reading The Art of Moving Foreword


Fame Isn’t Everything, Is It?

I'll always remember Alan Rickman as Professor Snape. With a book as grand as the Harry Potter series, one can expect that not everything is going to go as completely as you imagined it, but I had no qualms about Alan Rickman. Throughout the series, Rickman made Snape to exactly how I imagined him to… Continue reading Fame Isn’t Everything, Is It?


David Bowie, Where Do We Go From Here?

It's hard to imagine that an artist as great as David Bowie has died and will no longer contribute new material to the art he loved. Even though I only discovered him about five years ago, I found his work to be brilliant and edgy singer. Who other than Bowie himself have the ability to… Continue reading David Bowie, Where Do We Go From Here?


Of Convictions and Death Penalties.

Jodi Arias, convicted of murdering her one time lover Travis Alexander, has been given life in prison by default because the jurors couldn't make a unanimous decision for the death penalty. This is the second jury that has been unable to make that unanimous decision (the trial had been held in Arizona where law dictates… Continue reading Of Convictions and Death Penalties.