I used to be obsessive about blogging. Since I no longer have a traditional keyboard at the moment, I don't participate as much. Hunting and pecking for each letter drives me nuts. Perhaps this is why I never got a real cell phone and keep using the landline. I don't know. Anyway, So I don't… Continue reading Quality.



I think interests come and go. You find something new and you throw your entire being into what you're doing. People take notice and follow you. People interact and you feel encouraged. Then you hit a brick wall. You miss a day or two. People understand. Sometimes you need to take a break. But then… Continue reading Interests.


How to Behave in Public.

Most of us have worked in a position where we had to deal with the public. Even if you haven't, you've been in places where you were the public and someone was helping you as the customer to their place of employment. As far as I'm concerned, libraries, restaurants, stores, and other similar places are… Continue reading How to Behave in Public.


Releasing Emotions.

One of the topics that I see come up time and again on the internet is writing out a letter to someone that you don't intend to send to that person. The idea is that it releases societal inhibitions on being polite and being allowed to saying whatever you want without receiving the consequences of… Continue reading Releasing Emotions.


A Word Dump.

I honestly don't know what to say half the time. Unlike some writers, I really don't plan my posts, not really. I tried to research a topic to write about once. It failed miserably. Sometimes in my desperation, I get on The Daily Post and try one of their one word prompts. Sometimes they're good.… Continue reading A Word Dump.

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The Reasoning

This is the reasoning of the ages: that others' opinions don't matter unless they share the sentiments together. A crumb of difference, however slight, will push the hearer towards a world war more devastating than previous experiences. Shades of gray is long forgotten, the only matters are black and white, it seems absurd to state… Continue reading The Reasoning

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Dumb Things I Don’t Understand About Showers and Shaving

I don't like taking a shower (nor a bath); neither do I like shaving. You're probably sitting there thinking, Way to go girl for stating the obvious. Who DOES like showering and shaving? I like feeling clean afterwards and I like my skin feeling smooth and smelling nice after I shave. I just don't like… Continue reading Dumb Things I Don’t Understand About Showers and Shaving