The Art of Moving Foreword

It’s been a week since David Bowie’s death due to cancer. Since then, many more tragedies in the art world has occurred. Death is a terrible thing to witness; it makes you realize that even those we see as gods are mere mortals. How do we move on without forgetting their legacy? We can’t dwell on their deaths, as it will only make us ill and depressed. Instead, we embrace their immortality with what they had contributed and maybe even use their influences to create art in our own lives. We’ll never exactly mimic the art that has gone before, but maybe we can see a little bit of them in the work that we do for ourselves and future generations.
This is why we make art, is it not? We see what has gone before; we admire the steps these giants have taken so that we have it easier to have our own art accepted and then we take their lessons and push it even further. To be content with the status quo of art would probably disappoint David Bowie. To never realize our passions, to be afraid of them and never, ever chase them would depress Alan Rickman.
 I’ve always been timid of my own art. I’ve never pushed it foreword because I never thought I could make it happen. I don’t want to be like millions of others who never give my art a chance just because I fear rejection. I’m sure people like David Bowie had their own fears, but they had to courage to set it aside, move foreword, and move well beyond our expectations.
I hope this year I will find myself in my art again and never lose it among the thorns of doubt. I hope you won’t either.