Ordinary Travels is Five Years Old.

This month marks five years in my journey in my blog. Five years is a long time to stay in one Internet niche and I'm happy to have made it this far, especially when one starts a blog without any kind of idea about what to write in it. In 2012, I was feeling rather… Continue reading Ordinary Travels is Five Years Old.

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The Barrier of Thoughts

I think the biggest barrier that stops people from full honesty in their private writing is the fear that others will read what they've said without knowledge or permission. To know that others could see their innermost thoughts without them knowledge is the scariest thing in the entire world. We often lament on our limited… Continue reading The Barrier of Thoughts


How to Behave in Public.

Most of us have worked in a position where we had to deal with the public. Even if you haven't, you've been in places where you were the public and someone was helping you as the customer to their place of employment. As far as I'm concerned, libraries, restaurants, stores, and other similar places are… Continue reading How to Behave in Public.

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Another Day

A woman was complaining about some people we know mutually. This is my response: "I just focus on my attitude and the people that I work with." "Isn't it hard sometimes?" "Sometimes, but tomorrow's another day." "Well, aren't you a ball of sunshine?" I can't allow myself the worry of someone else's actions. When I… Continue reading Another Day


The Places We Come To.

I wasn't born in the town I grew up and live in currently. I left the place of my birth when I was a year old. My parents talk about that place a lot and I often wonder how my life would be different if we'd stayed. Their lives seemed so much different there than… Continue reading The Places We Come To.