The Insecurities of Love

We were walking around the mall holding hands. In a store front window was a dress. I don't remember what it looked like, but it reminded me of something from the 50's. "Do you think I'd look pretty in that?" I asked. He stopped and looked at me intently. "I think you'd look beautiful." He… Continue reading The Insecurities of Love


It's been a while for a lot of things. It's been a while since I wrote seriously. It's been a while since I read. I finished a book yesterday and it took me a couple of weeks to get through and it was one that should have taken a week or less to read. It's… Continue reading


Should I Care About Dating?

A person's life never turns out the way you expect it to. There was a girl I knew in high school who was very academic minded and always seemed to be in career minded way. She got her bachelor's degree, but she married halfway through her studies. After she graduated she became pregnant with her… Continue reading Should I Care About Dating?

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Steps I Take.

The memory of going away alone, the tentative steps towards the sky. The oceans rise to meet the heaven, splattered with colors that don't seem to match, yet meld together into something picturesque. It swallows me whole, unaware of it happening in the focus of the distant objects. I'm last in the swells, the rise… Continue reading Steps I Take.


What We Carry.

There are certain moments that we carry with us. Unexpectedly, they come forth to us and we remember. How we remember and perceive them can often change, even though we don't often see it. I want you to think that you're the same in the eye of my mind, but you have shifted and morphed… Continue reading What We Carry.