The Nature of Relationships.

I focus a lot on love and relationships. It’s almost an obsessive habit, which might seem strange to a lot of people, especially to those who know I’m determined to live out my life as a singleton. I’m probably obsessed with it because I’ve actually never been in a relationship before. Nobody ever sent me…… Continue reading The Nature of Relationships.

15 Things To Do After Breaking Up

Being at the tail end of a relationship is rough, whether you’re the one ending it or not. It hurts for everyone involved because the person you thought you wanted to spend a long time with (if not forever) is no longer the one who will be a part of life’s journey with you. In the aftermath…… Continue reading 15 Things To Do After Breaking Up

Relationship Choices: The Importance of Respect

For the past few months or so, I’ve been reading a man’s blog about dating, relationships, and modern chivalry. There have been many posts in which I felt empathetic towards. Things like how men and women should behave towards each other, especially when dating or thinking about becoming serious. It made me like the blog…… Continue reading Relationship Choices: The Importance of Respect