Farewell, Troy Gentry.

Country music lost another star yesterday afternoon.

Troy Gentry was part of the the duo Montgomery Gentry. If you’re into country music, you might know hit singles such as “My Town,” “Speed,” and “Something to be Proud Of.” They were like the rock and roll of country. They were kind of like an offbeat 2000’s version of Garth Brooks. Whatever you want to call it, they were pretty big when I was growing up.

Yesterday afternoon, Gentry was taking a helicopter to a concert that he was going to perform. I don’t know went wrong, but the helicopter crashed at 1 p.m. yesterday afternoon. Gentry was on that helicopter and died shortly after. He was fifty years old.

It really made me sad because this duo was one of my favorites growing up. Their gravely, rough voices made their music sound like the country that it was supposed to be. They were the kind of music that you wanted to dance to. They were country music.

It’s hard to define loss when you don’t know the person personally. I can’t imagine what friends and family members are going through. I can’t imagine what his music partner, Eddie Montgomery is going through. Only they can feel the true impact of what Gentry’s death is in their daily lives. After all, he was a husband, father, and music partner. Montgomery might not even make music after this and if he does, he’d probably sing solo (it’d be too weird to see him with someone else, right?) The others won’t have a husband and father.

As for me, I lost part of a group that I grew up with. Sure, I can listen to their old music and reminisce about the good times, but never again will they get together and create new music or perform the old stuff in front of an audience ever again. There were never be a farewell, reunion, future tour of the two of them together. Any hopes of me being able to see them in concert one day is now gone. How sad is that?

It’s a horrible way to die, but I hope he died without pain. No one wants to see someone suffer in their last moments. I hope they know how much their music was enjoyed.

Farewell, T-Roy. You made music to be proud of.