National Novel Writing Month starts today. Once again, I briefly thought about joining in but I already knew I wasn't going to participate the moment I considered it. I know there are those who fanatically follow this wild race to 50,000 words, but I can't seem to push myself in that way. Granted, I'm all… Continue reading NanoWriMo

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Difference of Being.

Sometimes I don't like to write and I do it anyway. I struggle to write and I try to fill the pages of my journal and I hate myself. Why am I doing this when I don't want to write? Every word I put down feels insincere, an extraction with nothing to numb the process.… Continue reading Difference of Being.

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The Barrier of Thoughts

I think the biggest barrier that stops people from full honesty in their private writing is the fear that others will read what they've said without knowledge or permission. To know that others could see their innermost thoughts without them knowledge is the scariest thing in the entire world. We often lament on our limited… Continue reading The Barrier of Thoughts


How to Behave in Public.

Most of us have worked in a position where we had to deal with the public. Even if you haven't, you've been in places where you were the public and someone was helping you as the customer to their place of employment. As far as I'm concerned, libraries, restaurants, stores, and other similar places are… Continue reading How to Behave in Public.


September and Balloon Glows.

I don't exactly follow The Bloggess anymore, but sometimes I feel the need to read something random, so I pulled up her page and started scanning and I found her ranting about September and I couldn't help but agree with her. "There's something about September that wants to eat you...September is an asshole." That's what… Continue reading September and Balloon Glows.