Lost in the Moment

He was supposed to go back to get the backpack, but he couldn’t move. Neither could I. He looked at me. I looked at him. Lost in his gaze, I felt frozen in time. The trees, the greenery, the slow moving river. Each was vibrant yet faded in the background, cocooning us in the moment…… Continue reading Lost in the Moment

Tuesday Tunes – Filling Up My Senses.

I’ve never actually celebrated Valentine’s Day before with anybody. Sure, everybody hands out cards and candy in elementary school, but when you get older, many people begin to expect flowers, chocolate, and nice dinners out with a significant other and with someone like me, that doesn’t happen. I’ve been told that it’s not all that…… Continue reading Tuesday Tunes – Filling Up My Senses.

15 Things To Do After Breaking Up

Being at the tail end of a relationship is rough, whether you’re the one ending it or not. It hurts for everyone involved because the person you thought you wanted to spend a long time with (if not forever) is no longer the one who will be a part of life’s journey with you. In the aftermath…… Continue reading 15 Things To Do After Breaking Up