The Insecurities of Love

We were walking around the mall holding hands. In a store front window was a dress. I don't remember what it looked like, but it reminded me of something from the 50's. "Do you think I'd look pretty in that?" I asked. He stopped and looked at me intently. "I think you'd look beautiful." He… Continue reading The Insecurities of Love


Should I Care About Dating?

A person's life never turns out the way you expect it to. There was a girl I knew in high school who was very academic minded and always seemed to be in career minded way. She got her bachelor's degree, but she married halfway through her studies. After she graduated she became pregnant with her… Continue reading Should I Care About Dating?



I always wanted a brother. Sure, I contemplated having a sister to confide in about girly stuff and the like. I even dreamed about having four siblings: two brothers and two sisters so that I could have the best of both worlds (in my innocent mind at least, that would be the best to have… Continue reading Relative.



I want to savor the moments that I live in now. I want to enjoy where I am now in my life, because that is the expectations that are placed upon me and others. I am single, and with no children, I have the freedoms that others wish they could have again. Don't doubt me,… Continue reading Satisfaction.


Tale as Old as Rhyme.

I dreamed that I was Belle last night. I was dancing with the Beast, then afterwards we stretched out in front of the fire. He closed his eyes and I leaned over him, gently stroking the fur around his face. He opened his eyes and I was staring into them for what seemed like the… Continue reading Tale as Old as Rhyme.


The Nature of Relationships.

I focus a lot on love and relationships. It's almost an obsessive habit, which might seem strange to a lot of people, especially to those who know I'm determined to live out my life as a singleton. I'm probably obsessed with it because I've actually never been in a relationship before. Nobody ever sent me… Continue reading The Nature of Relationships.


A Wave of Lonely Thoughts.

I'm twenty nine years old and single. Most of the time I'm okay with this. I enjoy being able to go to work and coming home and putting my jamis on without anybody caring. I enjoy going to bed at ten without taking a shower if I don't have to go anywhere right away the… Continue reading A Wave of Lonely Thoughts.