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I don't have a smartphone. I don't have an iPhone either. I have a simple flip phone and every couple of months I have to put money on it for it to be active. Oftentimes I forget and have to call the company to re-activate the phone before adding the money. People are shocked when… Continue reading Eventually.


On Bullet Journals and Blogs.

Bullet journals. You've probably heard of them. I certainly have; they've been all the rage in the last couple of years. Surprisingly, I didn't get swept away in this latest fad. Or maybe it's not surprising. You just don't know me yet. (Or do you?) To be honest, I never thought too much of them,… Continue reading On Bullet Journals and Blogs.


How You Engage Me.

Your eyes are too blue, your skin is too smooth Your eyes could shine a little less, the Arizona sun couldn't shine so intensely. The blonde hair is that of a Californian, perfectly in place with the finesse of the athletically obsessed. You're so perfect, even to the attitude that would shatter the glass you… Continue reading How You Engage Me.


My time to reflect and be thankful.

In the midst of wars, protests, deaths, and other heartaches, it's easy to lose sight of all the good in this world and focus on everything that's bad. Tomorrow we Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday created exclusively for reflecting on the good and being thankful for what we have. I've had my share of bad… Continue reading My time to reflect and be thankful.