Fooling Myself.

I think writing is difficult. I enjoy it, but I think it's difficult all the same. I don't think it's difficult because of the subject matters that I write even though I think it can be a factor depending on what it is you're writing about. I just think that the actual process of writing… Continue reading Fooling Myself.

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Writing for Money and Enjoyment.

They say you should follow your dreams and do what you love. But should you follow them if what you love won't make you money? Someone lamented that some writers are leaving the field because they're no longer making money. If they truly loved to write and they truly loved the genre they're writing in,… Continue reading Writing for Money and Enjoyment.


On Writing and the Expectations of Women.

There are people who write on a regular basis. I want to know their secret. Do they plan their posts out and schedule them, or do they write them as they go along? It's always interesting to me that people can write long interesting posts on the fly and make it look like they knew… Continue reading On Writing and the Expectations of Women.



Sometimes life throws you a few disappointments in life. Some of these disappointments are worse than others, and most of them all come together at once. While nothing can ever be as disappointing as losing my father (more like devastating), today was pretty disappointing. I've been subbing at a different library in the system that… Continue reading Disappointments