Where to Go From Here

To be honest, I’m not quite sure if I want to continue blogging at this site. I’m starting to feel like writing here is more like a chore than it is something I look foreword to writing at. I don’t want to delete it because I put a lot of work and years into it and there’s some pieces that I’m really proud of. But I’ve also noticed recently that I’ve only blogged maybe once or twice a month and I don’t want to do that to myself or my readers. I want to write more regularly and with more quality.

I’ve also been thinking about focusing on one topic. I might create a new blog for that or I might start up again here. In the meantime, I think I’m just going to take a break from Ordinary Travels and see where I want to go from here.

Thank you for everyone who’s been reading my blog faithfully. I hope I’ll be back soon.

Being Authentic in My Writing.

A few years ago, before I created this blog, I told someone I knew that I wanted to start blogging again. She immediately told me that if I wanted to have a blog, then I needed to get out and do more things in order to have anything to write about. I laughed and said “Even for a book blog?” “No,” she said, “not for a book blog.”

In spite of her good intentions with giving me advice, the conversation shook my confidence a little bit. Several years later, I can still hear what she said whenever I sit down to write a post. I haven’t gone out and done anything to make this post interesting, I think to myself. What I want to write isn’t interesting enough because it’s only the fruits of my mind rather than reporting on my experiences.

This is the problem with starting or having a creative outlet: Everybody wants to tell you how it should be instead of seeing all the possibilities of what it could be. When I created this blog, I was very afraid of what direction it was going to take. I started with short, creative clips. Then I tried going a couple of places and writing about it, but that soon got boring and tiring.

I began reading other blogs, trying to glean any knowledge of what made their site work. There are thousands of blogs out there that just focused on one topic and that worked for what they wanted to get out of it. But I was also happy to see that there were writers like me who didn’t necessarily want to go out and write about places and experiences. They were content to sit down and write about their thoughts, feelings and stories without having to go anywhere to get them. They were content to just write. And in that, I felt a sense of relief. I don’t have to be someone I’m not.

I eventually settled in and just wrote about whatever I felt like writing about. Sometimes it was about a movie I saw, other times it was a thought I wanted to explore, other times it was just plane creative prose. Once I stopped trying to fit myself into something that everyone else expected me to fit into with my blog, I felt much happier. I could do what I want and not worry that I might be disappointing someone with my work. And of course, there might be someone out there who doesn’t like a post, but that’s just that person. I’m only here to write for myself.

Sometimes (okay, maybe a bit more than that), I still get a cringe of uneasiness that I’m not doing this write. I feel bad for not telling you about the little tea shop I went to a few weeks ago or the annoying voice of the woman of a HGTV show that I just finished watching last night. But you know what? I didn’t want to write about them. If I tried, I wouldn’t have sound genuine and authentic. I would’ve sounded like someone who was writing an essay for class rather than for a blog she created for herself. If I wanted to, I would have. It just depends on what catches my creative fancy.

And in the end, that’s all that matters.

Protecting Children.

It’s getting harder and harder to get on social media these days. I hate getting on there, seeing the strong, opinionated posts, the arguments, the violence on the streets, the hate spewing from both sides. It’s so frustrating to see. It makes me feel so drained. I mostly avoided it yesterday, much to my relief and I was only on for a few minutes when I did and I only commented on mundane, every day things, mostly.

This morning, I got on for a few minutes and I saw a post about how people were taking shots against Barron Trump, Donald Trump’s ten year old son. The things that have been said about Barron have been disgusting things really, and the boy’s only ten years old. It makes my heart sad for him. He has no control about what his father is doing. He has no control that he lives in the white house. He’s ten years old, a little boy, really. I’m sure he’s heard the things that people have said about him and I’m sure it’s having a huge impact on his psyche. No matter how you feel about Donald Trump, you have no right to have a go at a little boy who doesn’t understand the adult world that he’s living in.

What if he was your little boy? Would you want someone to tell him he was going to grow up to be a murderer? Would you want someone to tell him that he’s not going to amount to anything because he was born you? I don’t think you’d appreciate it very much. I don’t think any parent would want to hear others saying their children are terrible, horrible beings. They can’t help who they’re born to, where they’re living, and how their parents are viewed. Taking stabs at people’s children should be off limits, especially to those in public positions. It’s just not right. Have you’re opinions about Donald Trump, but don’t take your strong opinions and throw it against the innocent. Who knows how our words are affecting him.

The Inauguration.

The Inauguration happened today. I don’t think I need to elaborate on what inauguration we’re talking about. For whatever reason, I thought it was happening tomorrow (Saturday the 21st) instead of today (Friday the 20th). I don’t know why it would be on a Saturday, I don’t think it’s ever been on a Saturday as far as I know? But anyway.

I had to work this morning, so I missed the whole thing. Some people would tell me that this is a good thing as the majority of people didn’t like the man. Others would probably be disappointed that I didn’t get to see it, I’m sure. All I know is that the country will face a lot of unrest in the next four years regardless of which side you’re on.

I feel like I’m the brink of history here, you know? I feel like I’m about to witness some history that will talked about for many years to come, just like the 60’s civil rights movement, or any of the major wars, or any major point in human civilization. I can just feel it upon me. I think all Americans can feel it and even people around the world in other nations.

So. I hope for the best. In the very least there will be a lot of stories to tell.

Creating a new audience venue.

A few months ago, I create a YouTube account. As of this writing, I haven’t posted anything to the channel. To be honest, I’m not quite sure what I want my channel to be about, thus why there’s nothing on there. This is my problem: I want to try these things, but I’m not quite sure how to go about them.

But I have an idea. I think.

I’ve been mulling it over in my head for a while now.

I think I want to have a YouTube channel where I read poetry, stories, urban legends, fan fiction, creepypastas, and other tales. Maybe even something similar to Rob Dyke, Caleigh Elise, and Matthew Santoro. I even want to do an occasional review of a book or movie. I think it would be original (somewhat) and something people haven’t tried much before. Obviously not the creepypastas and unsolved mystery type stories, but the other things might catch some people’s eyes.

It’s a little nerve wracking to even think about trying to start. Is it okay to read fan fiction stories? Would my original content be safe. I guess I could always say “all rights reserved” in the description for my original stories and fan fiction stories say “based off the books by X author.” How do YouTubers do the things that they do? I want to know all their secrets.

I just need to take that first step, you know? Just go for it. Write a few things down and then record and put it all together in Movie Maker or something. It’s a start, at least.

I’m not making sense again. I just thought I’d write it all out again, see what others thought of it. And if enough people encourage me, maybe it’ll get me going (even though I asked some friends a few months ago and they said me creating a channel would be awesome! So…we’ll see).

Wacky Wednesdays.

I’m not sure if I like Wednesdays. I’ve felt like this for a long while now, but I don’t often mention it because I’m not sure if people enjoy hearing about others’ choice days of the week. I could be wrong though, so don’t quote and judge me, whatever that might be. I think I might even dislike Wednesdays as much as others dislike Mondays.

It seems like all the crazy things happen on Wednesdays. Things I don’t necessarily like experiencing, you know? It always seems busy smattered with weird occurrences. I guess the experiences makes me more wiser but does it always have to happen every week like clockwork? I’d like a break and have a good Wednesday for once, Life!

I’ve also been experiencing weird, vivid dreams. Last night I had a vivid dream of terrible, scary ghosts that wrecked the house. That’s the best way to explain it. If I tried to write it with more detail, you’d truly think me insane. Last week I dreamed I was in a dystopia like world. I don’t know why I’m having all these sudden dreams, but there they are.

I wish my entry could be more detailed and coherent than what I’m giving, but some days you just can’t explain yourself in the way it deserves. Friday is in two days. I hope I can survive.

On Edge

People are on edge. A tiny thing can set someone off. It’s understandable, I’m sure. These are troubled times. People are politically on edge.

I don’t talk about my politics. I won’t start now. But especially right now, I’m tired. I’m tired of hearing about it all. He said, she said. I think it’s time to take a break from social media again. It keeps getting worse as the time goes by and it probably won’t get any better.

There’s a lot of things I’ve been avoiding lately. Writing has definitely left my brain for a few weeks. I haven’t read much, I only read a lot in the last week or so, just because I want to get back in the habit, even if it doesn’t always make me happy.

I’ve really been into word searches tho. It’s been fun to just focus on one word at a time, find a word in a jumble of letters. A lot of them have been easy, but some of them have had one or two words that have had me frustrated because I couldn’t find them for the life of me.

I re-watched a movie called Anne Frank. It was made in 2003 with Ben Kingsley as well as the lady who played the mom in Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightley version) and the lady who played the mom in The Conjuring. It’s so sad. I wish I could’ve met Anne and Margot. Anne was about the same age as my grandmother. I wonder what kind of things she’d be doing if she survived. Probably a famous writer, she was so good with words.

Nothing else to say for now. I hope it gets better with time.