Bullet Point My Day.

  • Got up
  • Took medicine for my headache
  • Went back to bed
  • Read for an hour
  • Got up, soaked my feet in Epsom salts (the lavender smelling kind)
  • Showered
  • Lathered my body in vanilla lotion
  • Dried my hair, moisturized my face, put clothes on
  • Made my bed
  • Walked around the block (15 minutes)
  • Drank water
  • Made lunch (turkey & cheese sandwich, kettle chips, kit kat)
  • Listened to a creepy history story while eating said lunch
  • Write in private journal
  • Blog
  • For later–
    • Work closing shift
      Come home
      Possibly watch Dateline (if I don’t fall asleep)
      Go to bed
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    Top Ten Documentaries.

    I don’t watch a whole lot of regular movies these days. Instead, I tend to watch documentaries, mainly because I learn something along the way and done right, very fascinating and much better than a movie.

    1. Cropsey: Talks about the Stanton Island urban legend of an escaped psycho patient who lives in an abandoned asylum. Explores the real cases that inspired the legend.
    2. The Jinx: Follows the millionaire Robert Durst, accused and suspected of murdering three lovers and a friend over the past thirty years or so.
    3. Killer Legends: From the creators of Cropsey, the directors take three urban legends and find the stories that might have inspired the legends. Includes the one about “Have you checked the children?”
    4. Jesus Camp: Filmmakers go to an extreme conservative summer kid for children in order to see how people have extreme evangelical beliefs.
    5. One of Us: same filmmakers for Jesus Camp. Follow Hasidic Jews in New York City, their distrust of the outside world and intolerance of people who leave even when they are abused.
    6. Of Dolls and Murder: Tells the history of the nutshell houses of unexplained death and how they are used to teach detectives about crime scenes today. (Very interesting, one of my favorite documentaries)
    7. The Invisible War: Focuses on rape of military men and women and the courts favor of the perpetrator.
    8. Secrets of the Dead: Jamestown Dark Winter: a PBS documentary studying how Jamestown colonists survived the worst winter and whether or not they resorted to cannibalism.
    9. Secrets of the Dead: Ben Franklin’s Bones: Historians and anthropologists find bones in the basement of the house Franklin lived in during his London years and they wonder if he was secretly a murderer and prove what happened.
    10. Who Killed Lindbergh’s Baby?: Another PBS show that talks about Lindbergh and whether or not he himself killed his child.
  • What are some of your favorite documentaries? Are any of these on your list?
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    The Tools to Write.

    “If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time (or tools) to write. Simple as that.” ~Stephen King

    I’ve been meditating on this line from Stephen King today. If you don’t give yourself time to read and write daily, then you’re just not going to write (or write well) at all. I’m not sure how I feel about this to be honest. I don’t exactly write daily (though I have done so more in the past couple months than I have in the past couple of years.) If Stephen King saw me slacking, he would tell me that I’m just not cut out to be a writer.

    It’s important to read and write regularly, this I’m fairly sure of. If you don’t read regularly, then you’re not expanding your mind to new ways of writing and new ideas that could be expressed. And if you’re not writing regularly, you’re not improving the way you write whatsoever.

    But when you think about all the things you have to do in your life: working, paying bills and gas and spending time with friends occasionally, it’s a wonder you go at all. Stephen King was able to do it. So has any number of writers who have become successful.

    It’s just hard for me to wrap my head around trying to set a routine for writing so that I can improve myself. And read. And go to work. And exercise.

    It’s hard.

    How do you balance everything? Maybe writing daily isn’t the answer for me. I’m sure it works for some, but maybe three times a week? This seems reasonable write?

    I contemplate this, but in the end, I’ll just do what I want. I always do.

    And this is probably why I haven’t become a famous writer yet.

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    Things I Love to Do Outside

    My mood is based solely on the weather. If it’s cold or rainy or snowy, then I don’t want to be outside at all. But if it’s warm and sunny then I long to be out in it.

    Here are just some of the things I love to do outside:

    1. Go for a walk.
    2. Take a hike in the woods.
    3. Photograph pretty things.
    4. Look at the flowers.
    5. Read on the breezeway/porch.
    6. Write in my journal.
    7. Watch the sunset.
    8. Walk to McDonald’s to get an ice cream or smoothie
    9. Soak my feet in Epsom salts.
    10. Watch the coming and goings of my street.
    11. Look at the moon.
    12. Have a picnic.
    13. Bird watching in my back yard.

    If you’re an outdoorsy person, let me know what you like to do when you get to be outside.

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    Going on My Dream Trips.

    I haven’t done a list in a while so I thought I’d make a list of all the trips that I’ve always wanted to go on. If I had a bit more money, I’d probably have gone all of them by now, but as luck will have it, I just don’t quite have it yet. But it’s always nice to dream, no?

    1. Ireland.
    2. Romania — to see Vlad Dracula (Vlad the Imapler’s) castle.
    3. Australia — Sydney, Ayers Rocker, Great Barrier Reef in particular
    4. New Zealand
    5. Argentina.
    6. The Netherlands–Anne Frank House.
    7. Poland — to see Auschwitz.
    8. Sweden.
    9. Germany.
    10. Scotland — particularly Loch Ness and the Edinburgh Vaults (did I spell that right? Probably not)
    11. Denmark.

    People are probably surprised to note that I didn’t include France or Paris in particular. Quite frankly, I don’t have any desire to France. It just never held any glamor or interest for me. Sure the Louvre would be swell and to try a croissant would be fabulous, but it just doesn’t capture my attention. France always seemed to be one of those countries where they don’t quite welcome strangers, like they’re put off for one reason or another. That’s just my opinion, though. I’m sure the French are quite lovely. But I digress.

    Maybe next time I’ll write down themed trips that I’d like to go on some time.

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    On 400 Followers.

    I need to acknowledge that I’ve reached 400 followers.

    I find it kind of amazing that I’ve actually reached that many people. Some of you actively read what I write on a regular basis even when my posts have been less than regular. Some of you are casual readers and others…I don’t know why you are still following if you’re not even reading what I’ve posted recently but thanks anyway?

    When I first started blogging here 6 years ago, I was all gun-ho about posting and wanting to reach people. I tried creating a niche because that’s what all the advice blogs said. I got burnt out, switched to another topic and kept going until I got burnt out again.

    Then I’d stop writing altogether. Because I wasn’t growing as much as I thought I should. I stopped because I got tired and a little nervous that nobody was reading my blog because I wasn’t being consistent in keeping a niche and sticking to it.

    And then a weird thing started happening.

    I just kept writing. Whatever made me happy, I wrote it. I stopped trying to write blog posts on topics I wasn’t interested in just because it was trending or because I thought I’d get more likes, comments, and follows from it. I am a creative writer. Have always been a creative writer. So I just started writing creatively–memoir, nonfiction, poetry, fiction, snapshots of my life. You name it, I just wrote about it.

    Because it made me happy to write about it.

    It’s still hard for me to write this way because I still think about how I should write in order to reach my audience. I still fell guilty for not following a formula that would get me blog famous. I still feel guilty for not having a niche.

    The other day I was thinking about how I’m a casual fan of certain things and not exactly a hardcore fan. I’m a casual fan of Irish music because a friend introduced me to it and I happened to enjoy it because it sounds like country music. I’m a casual fan of horror but I’m not an expert in it. I’m a casual fan of most genres and hobbies. I like the idea of games but I don’t actually play video games or even computer games anymore. I like photography and film editing but I rarely do either these days.

    I’m not saying it’s not a good thing. Being casually interested in a variety of things allows me to have a conversation with a lot of people and pretend to know what I’m talking about. But I’m not intensely interested in any one thing and therefore I can’t give an expert opinion about it. And that’s how I feel about my blog. I want to have a niche. I want to be able to write well and talk about one thing with expertise.

    But I can’t. I get bored if I write about the same things all the time.

    So what does this all have to do with what I wrote about earlier? I’ll tell you why:

    Because no matter how many times I’ve changed my mind on what to write about, no matter how long a time it is between posts, you all love my writing. You’re still following my posts. And you’re still interested what I have to say even if I’m not writing in a niche.

    Thanks for sticking with me and here’s to another 6 years and 400 followers.

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    All the Time.

    I think about writing all the time, and yet I don’t always write. Sometimes I can go for weeks and months (even, dare I say–years) without writing. I think it bothers some people that I don’t actively write, that I’m more passive about writing and not making something more of it. But I don’t really care. I don’t always write because I don’t always want to. Nor do I want to share my thoughts or have a lot to say about whatever it is that I’m writing. That’s why my blog posts are so short sometimes–I’ve run out of things to say about it.

    I was listening to an Irish vlogger tonight and her accent was real thick. I’ve listened to other Irish tubers and met Irish people in real life and I’ve never had a problem understanding what they were saying. But with this girl I had to sit there and listen to her real close. It made me feel real dumb because I thought I could understand the Irish. Clearly I’m losing touch. Or I’m just not as good as I thought I was, which bites real hard.

    Just when you think you’re on top, life comes back thunks you on the head to remind you that you suck.

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